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Full Membership offers all of the above benefits, with the addition of participation in all events and meetings and special discounts and sponsorship opportunities. Full Membership acknowledges the highest level practitioners, those who have made a lifetime commitment to Tao Soul Mind Body practice, and individuals who have made a significant contribution to further the goals of the association. All full members are giving exceptional and important support for the mission.

Full Members fall into three categories: Masters and Grandmasters, Lifetime Members, and Honorary Members.

Masters and Grandmasters are certified at the highest levels of Tao Soul Mind Body practice.
Masters and Grandmasters must maintain Tao Soul Mind Body certification at the highest levels of their designated practice, as defined by the membership committee.

These highest levels include, but are not limited to:

  • Certified Master Teachers
  • Certified Ren Xian, Di Xian, Tian Xian, Tao Xian
  • Tao Calligraphy Grandmaster Practitioners
  • Tao Calligraphy Teachers
  • Tao Song Teachers
  • Tao Dance Teachers
  • Lifetime Members are members who have been practicing Tao Soul Mind Body techniques for at least ten years and have made a significant contribution, through their service, to the advancement of the knowledge and practice of Tao Soul Mind Body practices, as determined by the membership committee. They may not have reached the highest levels of certification.
  • Lifetime Members must maintain Tao Soul Mind Body certification in at least one area of practice (i.e. Tao Hands Practitioner).
  • Honorary Members are members who offer specialized knowledge and guidance, or other significant contributions, to further the objectives of the association, as determined by the membership committee.Honorary Members need not be certified Soul Practitioners.

Benefits of Full Members:

  • Insurance
  • Library
  • E-Journal
  • Community Forum
  • Education
  • Mentoring
  • Events and Meetings
  • Sponsorships
  • Discounts

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