Associate Members

  • Associate Members are certified at entry-level and mid-level certification in Tao Soul Mind Body practices. Associate membership brings you into a group of your peers so that you can strengthen your knowledge, your relationships, and enhance your practice. It connects you with the wide variety of people from various professions who are all deeply committed to using this system to serve people so that they can flourish in soul, mind, and body.
  • Associate Members must maintain Tao Soul Mind Body certification (i.e. Tao Soul Mind Body Calligraphy Practitioner, Divine Healing Hands Practitioner or Tao Hands Practitioner and above).
  • Associate Members may alternatively hold another certification and may be practicing another alternative healing modality, e.g.: Acupuncture, Chiropractor, and Naturopathy.

Associate Members have a wide array of benefits. This level gives you extraordinary support for education, teaching, mentoring, and for communicating regularly with other practitioners around the world. Associate members also have an opportunity to receive insurance and can be certain that they are meeting the highest standards and practices.

Benefits of Associate Members:

  • Insurance
  • Library
  • E-Journal
  • Community Forum
  • Education
  • Group Mentoring

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Apply Now ($200 CAD/calendar year)

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