How can members get involved in the association?

There are positions open to members to volunteer within several departments. These include the Community Forum, Library and E-Journal, Mentoring, Education, Events and Meetings, and Marketing. If you are interested in serving in any of these, you may apply on the website.

How do I get help with my membership?

You can contact the association at any time if you need any help with your membership. We welcome you to contact us by submitting a ticket here: https://itaoassociation.org/contact/

Is there a special discount for student membership?

At this time there is no special discount for student membership.

How do I change the level of my membership?

You can contact the association at any time if you would like to make a change in your membership. We welcome you to apply whenever you meet the requirements of the next level.

How do members join the community forum?

Members can access the community forum on the association website under “My Account”.

Where can I access the practitioner directory?

The practitioner directory will be on the association website. All members have the choice to be listed with a profile and contact information.

How can I change my profile in the practitioner directory?

You may update it yourself using your membership log in and then updating it in your profile page.

Where will the annual meetings be held?

More details regarding the annual meeting will be shared as and when available.

Will members be allowed to apply to give presentations at the annual meetings?

Full members may be allowed to apply to give presentations at the annual meetings. If you are a full member and would like to present a topic during the annual meeting, please email details of your presentation to info@itaoassociation.org.

Are affiliate members allowed to attend all events and meetings?

Affiliate members will be allowed to attend all meetings and events that are open to the public. Some of the meetings and events will only be for members at the higher levels.

Does the association provide information about certification?

We are committed to supporting all members in developing their knowledge and skills and to maintaining the highest professional standards.

Does the association offer insurance?

Insurance will be offered to associate and full members only. More announcements will be made regarding the same shortly.