Becoming a member offers you invaluable resources to enhance both your practice and your life. Being part of the association gives you a direct way to connect and create relationships with other practitioners and to create a sense of community. Membership will provide you with ongoing opportunities for continuing education, support in your teaching, and all the news about what is going on with other members around the world. You will also be supporting the overall mission and giving a voice to the public about the great benefits of the Tao Soul Heart Mind Body system.

There are 3 types of membership packages available.

All memberships are by approval only. Each type of membership offers special benefits.

Eligibility for membership

The Membership Committee shall determine whether an applicant does, or does not, meet eligibility requirements for a particular class of membership.

Associate Members, Master and Grandmaster Members, and Lifetime Members must be certified in good standing in Tao Soul Mind Body Practice.

Honorary Members must have demonstrated knowledge and skills in, or have made a significant contribution to, an area of benefit to the association.